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empowering the world, one song at a time

Sue Riley is a musician with a mission — to empower the world, one song at a time.

A prolific singer-songwriter who has released eight albums of positive, uplifting music, Sue has also been a leading music director for over two decades and is co-founder of emPower Music and Arts, a community dedicated to creating positive global change through music, writing and the spoken word.

EmPower conducts the annual Posi Awards, which recognizes excellence in songwriting for artists who create songs with messages of peace, oneness, and joyous living; as well as the popular Posi Music Festival and Song School in Tampa, Florida. The 15th PosiFest will be held at Unity Village, MO, from October 28 through November 1, 2020.

Sue also tours the country performing in emPower’s Posipalooza concerts which bring Posi Award-winning artists together in a unique, uplifting format where the artists swap songs in an organic musical conversation. To date, they have produced more than 300 of these concerts in the US and Canada to rave reviews.

Welcome — feel free to explore and don’t forget to check out Sue’s upcoming shows and music/books in the Store!

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Zoom concert screen capture - Sue, Sloan and Danny, Glen


  1. Ready to Receive Sue Riley 6:02
  2. My Heart's Desire Sue Riley 3:08
  3. Closer Than You Think Sue Riley 3:46
  4. Let The Magic In Sue Riley 3:56
  5. Living In My Heartland Sue Riley 3:30
  6. Here I Am Sue Riley 4:10
  7. Step Back, Slow Down Sue Riley 3:00
  8. Love For All We're Worth Sue Riley 3:38
  9. Learn How To Fly Sue Riley 3:26
  10. What I Hold On To Sue Riley 4:26
  11. Hallways of Galway Sue Riley 4:48
  12. Memory Makers Sue Riley 3:28
  13. Long Time Sun Sue Riley 2:03

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