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Life Changing Experiences
Words and Music by Fred Bogert, ©2005

I’m getting many mysterious messages from somewhere.
They’re getting louder, harder to ignore.
I guess I’d better start to pay attention.
Before I get that cosmic two-by-four.

My friends look at me with open-mouthed expressions.
They pat my hands; they try to be so kind.
It’s pretty clear that something has to give here.
I only hope that something’s not my mind.

Change can be so blissful; it can also make me cry.
Often, I don’t understand the who, the how, or why.
Is there a magic number for this struggle and this strife?
How many life changing experiences will it take?
Before I change my life.

The world can whirl around me like a cyclone.
I haven’t made it all the way to Oz.
Even with a heart, a brain, and courage
My clarity is still a losing cause.


How grand to be so karmically connected
Open for growth opportunities
There are days I feel like I am living.
In the land of the frazzled, the home of the frayed.


©2021/2024 Sue Riley