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Posi Music Fest: Just a couple of weeks away!

I can hardly believe how time has flown, but it's just a couple of weeks until the 12th annual Posi Music Fest, 5 days of amazing events for music directors, artists, and fans of positive music, held February 23-27 at the Tampa Marriott Westshore. EmPower co-founder Richard Mekdeci and I always wanted to host an awards show that would be just for the indie artists who are using their superpowers to write songs for world peace, change, and positive, intentional topics.

A magical week of creativity at SummerSongs

In early August, I spent an amazing week immersed in music and creativity at SummerSongs, the annual retreat/camp that literally and completely changed my life 12 years ago. That year, in 2004, I had to be convinced by several people that it was okay to give myself a week in the woods celebrating creativity. My Dad had just died two weeks before, and I was held together by an invisible string. I certainly didn't feel strong enough to dive into a room of 100 strangers.

Ireland here I come!

As I write, I am on my way to New York to gather up 5 friends and connect with our flight to Ireland. Yes, I'm going back again, even after my less than ideal trip last year.  I have been upgraded to business first, which I'm taking as an amazing omen of good fortune (and comfort).  I am in love with Ireland and her generous people.  I love the scones for breakfast, the musical lilt of people's voices, the mournful melodies of traditional ballads, and the countryside

Clueless at 8 Years Old

At 8 years old I was the picture of total cluelessness.  Shy, so shy that I was barely able to speak. Terribly thin, like a stick figure; all bony arms and legs with a neck so scrawny it’s a miracle that my head didn’t droop as I walked around. At every meal, Grandpa would tell me about

My Summer Vacation

I recently left on a long-anticipated trip to Ireland. It was to be a musical tour with friends and I was super excited to go. But, the universe decided that I was going to do an “alternative tour”, a forced tour of the Irish medical systems. This is SO not what I had in mind when I bought my plane ticket. However, it was an unexpected opportunity to see other forms of medical treatment, gain new gratitude for the US medical system, and see firsthand the resilience and spirit of the amazing Irish people.

Photo by RetroSupply on Unsplash

What Says the Thinker Today?

Greetings friends, and welcome to my new, improved website. It's December, that magical month, close to the time when we release the old and embrace the new.  I love the month of December.  I love being a singer songwriter...it is so amazing to paint your emotions with lyrics.  One of my favorite things to do is to write from prompts and one of my favorite "prompters" is Sloan Wainwright.  Here are my "free writes" from Summersongs this year.

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