Greetings friends, and welcome to my new, improved website.
It’s December, that magical month, close to the time when we release the old and embrace the new.  I love the month of December.  I love being a singer songwriter…it is so amazing to paint your emotions with lyrics.  One of my favorite things to do is to write from prompts and one of my favorite “prompters” is Sloan Wainwright.  Here are my “free writes” from Summersongs this year.

Taking a Detour:
Caution!  Roadwork Ahead!!  Breakdown, fallout, turn right…take the alternate road.  It might be one that you’re not as familiar with.  It won’t add much travel time but what a chance to see new trees, and new places.  Would I ever have turned here if I didn’t have to?  Go with the flow, be willing/unwilling…it doesn’t matter because the steps are the same but the outcome will be altered by how I react to the detour.  Really, it’s a temporary thing, UNLESS I like this new way better.  I can’t decide right away, I have to sit with it a while and think.

This detour is all mapped out for me, no decisions are necessary~but, just like my friendly GPS says “I can recalculate”.  I might intentionally miss a turn or turn too soon and find a different way to get there…who knows who else might be taking that same, different road that day.  Moments, flashing shooting stars of opportunity.  I want to reach out, to grab it, to examine it before the light fades, sputtering out.  How did I get here: Away from the familiar, away from the routine?  I say yes…why not?